I have always been intrigued by the interaction between human and product. I have always had a fascination with memorable products from childhood. It's those products that we accept into our homes and lives that ultimately become a part of the who we are. Design is magical, and it is capable of providing experiences, trust, and safety. We, the designers of this generation, have the opportunity to have an impact on these experiences that we have grown so fascinated with.


Growing up in Colombia, I spent a lot of time in my grandfather's shop. He ran a small fishing-boat repair shop in Bogota. It was at an early age when I was convinced of becoming a creator, a maker, and an innovator. Aside from my love for design, I have found a passion for languages and travel. 




DESIGN EDGE (Austin, Texas, USA)

After graduating from the University of Houston, I joined the design team at D:E Creative (formerly known as Design Edge) in Austin, Texas. Having experienced both Consultancy and Corporate environments, I preferred to join a small studio in order to become a large factor in decision making process of my work. At D:E I have worked on multiple products ranging from wearable devices, UX/UI, transportation, and sporting apparel. At D:E I have been exposed to the entire process of product development, and my role has been a significant factor in the birth of several start-up companies, while also contributing to corporate clients such as Dell and IBM among others.

SNAP-ON (Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA)

In the summer of 2014 I joined the Snap-On Innovation Works team as an Industrial Design intern. I worked on the re-design of their most popular lithium battery for all of Snap-On power tools. I was also in charged of designing a diagnostics cart for shop technicians. For the diagnostics cart project, I was responsible to give life to a new Snap-On product from concept development all the way to manufacturing. Both of my projects at Snap-On are have gone from concept to market. At Snap-On I was able to experience the corporate design field, while designing for a US fortune 500 company.

TAO DESIGN (Hangzhou, China)

I had the opportunity to live and design in Hangzhou, China for 6 months. I was one of the two International interns invited to join the TAO design team for a 6 month internship. While at TAO (previously named TOOUT), I designed several products that are currently on the market, such as the On-Watch Baby Monitor and the Robam kitchen fan. In China, I was exposed to the fast paced- manufacturing and prototyping processes, as well as the Eastern approach to product development. In China I had the opportunity to live and experience the product design world from a new cultural perspective.